Clockmaker - Vladimir Kase

Renovation and Repair of Antique Clocks

Vladimir Kase
Praha 6, Na zaveji 416

Tel: (+420)  220 961 616
Mobil: (+420)  604 180 416


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Complete renovation and repair of antique clocks. All kinds - pendulum clocks, astronomical clocks, tower clocks.

  • Complete repair and restoration of clock's machine
  • Completion of missing wooden, metal, glass and stone parts
  • Repair or production of enamel's pieces 
  • Classical ways of repairing clock's boxes
  • New surface arrangement 
  • Removing moulds, wood-worms and dirt with special techniques
  • We can arrange irradiation including conservation
  • Goldsmith and paint writing work
  • Choice of spare parts from catalog

Repair at customer site
Repair in our workshop

  • Security and insurance
  • Discreet proceeding
  • Two-years guarantee
  • Sales and purchasing consultancy
  • Delivery over whole territory of the Czech republic 
  • In Prague delivery for free

Long-time experience

  • Practical experience since 1985
  • Own workshop since 1988

Significant references

Archbishop's palace in Prague
Four pieces of antique clocks
Kramarova villa
Complete renovation of six antique clocks
Nostic palace, Library of Josef Dobrovsky
Hall astronomical clock from Rudolf II. time
Parliamentary house office
Pillared clock in the chairman's office
Vladimir Kase, Praha 6, Na zaveji 416
Tel: (+420) 220 961 616
Mobil: (+420) 604 180 416
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